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Aurora is still open for you!

We will use all possible legal means against the unlawful decisions of the local municipality. In fact, we will file a complaint and bring the case to court as well. The Aurora will continue its operation as a community centre. Because we consider their message important, we will also keep organizing new events.

With the suspension of Aurora’s trade licence, 80 percent of our revenue has vanished. And that is the reason why we ask everyone who agrees with our goals and activities to support us!

What exactly do you finance if you support us?

Firstly, the #AuroraCivilHUB, which has hosted, supported and provided infrastructure for hundreds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in recent years. This project allows people dedicated to social issues to work in a friendly environment and have access to the infrastructure and the help of volunteers and employees of the Aurora. Moreover, Aurora is one of the most important centers of contemporary cultural life in Budapest, as well as the venue for thousands of young people involved in social activism, enjoying relaxation or participating in cultural events.

But many other organizations also have their headquarters in Aurora. The Invisible Study-hall (Láthatatlan Tanoda), for instance, helps poor children from the VIII. district with their studies. Besides several other projects, the School of Public Life (Közélet Iskolája) and the From Street To Home Association (Utcáról Lakásba) is fighting for the interests of the local homeless population. The Roma Press Center (Roma Sajtóközpont) publishes news about the Hungarian Roma community in leading newspapers while also running sensitization programmes. While Budapest Pride is struggling for the same opportunities and rights of LMBTQ people, the Alternativa Foundation (Alternatíva Alapítvány) helps drug addicts and prostitutes living in the district. Pneuma Szov raises awareness of the most important social issues through public theater and art. Dor Hadas Budapest, an inclusive and receptive community which organizes Jewish religious and cultural events. Marom Budapest is a Jewish youth organization which is the developer and initiator of the Auróra concept and project. It also organizes Bánkitó Festival and Quarter7Quarter8 Festival. Auróra Community House provides a venue for numerous local initiatives, NGOs and civil organizations, hosts bands and theater groups on a daily basis. In addition to these, there are plenty other local initiatives, NGOs, orchestras and theater companies hosted by Aurora.

Please, with your presence or with your donation, support Aurora. Hence we will be able to continue our social events that would not be possible elsewhere.

If you would support Aurora by bank transfer, you can do it through our account. Please in the note section refer somehow to Aurora.

Marom Klub Egyesület
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