Come & join!

New tasks and happy endings are waiting for us in Auróra’s second season.

With a year’s experience under our belt, we also would like to show others how to run a social enterprise / community house / club – call it as you want, just like we do.


Come over, we will be here! :)

  • Event Organising

    Aurora’s heart and soul. Organising cultural events, screening, exhibitions, gigs, parties which the house’s perspective. From idea to implementations.

  • Community Building

    Auróra is not a lonely island. As a community place, we want to be part of life in the VIII. district. For the sake of this cause, we are in continuous contact with our neighbours, help local initiatives and advocacy. We are also contributing with similar places in the district.

    Mapping local relations, collecting information and anecdotes. Running joint groups with the locals. Keeping contact with residential communities, organising regular meetings. Contacting and conducting interviews with the people living in the neighbourhood.


    • Ásmány Lívia
    • @asmany
  • Communications

    What we say about ourselves, what others say about us. Online and print media.

    We really like Auróra and we’d love if more people felt like us. We’d like to tell everybody what happens in Auróra street, so more and more people would come to our events and love the place!

    Preparing press releases, offline communications, creating fb. events, managing campaing, working with the fundraising team. Graphic design & photography.

  • Sound Technicians

    Sound engineering and lighting of lectures, gigs and parties.

    If you’re interested in the technical support of the house, join the team! No experience is needed, with the help of our professional volunteers you’ll quickly learn the tasks. Those include lighting and sound engineering for parties and some maintenance work.